Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Part II

So I have pictures of when we had all the kids finally home and we opened the last of our presents together . . . but I decided this was really more what Christmas is about for us. Sure, we all love presents and especially the thoughts behind them (btw, Erika and Glenn, the kids all loved your gifts, especially being from the Old City!!), but even more, we all love the doing things together. And in Logan, that mainly means getting close and personal with the snow, lol!

Everyone remember our snowman? About nine feet tall, made with really heavy, compact, wet snow? WELL . . . as impressive as that was, look what we have now! This was done about dusk while snow was falling, so even my wonderful camera had a hard time with the snow setting in that light. And by daylight, the finished product (thus far). Yay!

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